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1.Your Charm











2.Your Ambition














3.Your concerts in the car with the Beyonce CD











4.Your dorkiness











5.Your ability to dream BIG










6.Your obsession with pleather




















7.Your obsession with faux fur


















8.Your Standards









9.Your late night dates with re-runs of Sex & The City (bring the ice cream too if you want to be cliche)












10.How well you hair flip







11.How well you money flip







12.Your wine glasses









13.Your wine













14.Your lingerie











15.Your makeup













16.How well you love











17.How well you put it down













18.How well you run your business













19.Your shoes














2o.Your girls’ nights






















21.Those texts he sent when he was all on you













22.That t-shirt he left at your house














23.Just kidding, he can take that sh*t








24.But he better give back my cute ass bra I left over there











25.Your Cute ass sneak peek selfies











26.Oh wait, I guess he does have those. That’s right, I have forever given him power over those -_-








27.Why the f*ck did I send those?








28. At least you’ll still have your mornings all alone with tumblr and pinterest <3


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