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Are there times when you’re selling and it makes you completely sick to your stomach?

Maybe it’s because the product is more expensive than anything you’ve ever sold, or perhaps you’re new to the industry you’re in. Regardless, there are strategies and tips for settling your nerves when they’re on edge when you’re trying to sell.

1. Calm Your Nerves

Most of the time, you’re really nervous about small things. Slow down your speech and breathe deeply during the sales conversation. Speaking slowly forces you to be present in the moment, and breathing deeply calms your heart rate and soothes your spirit so you don’t come off as nervous as you feel.   

2. Know Your Product

Fear of stumbling over the sales process can also be attributed to your not knowing the product. When you know what you’re selling in all of its broader and finer points, you’re operating in a realm of greater sales probability simply based on your preparation. Chill out, mama, and transform that excessive nervous energy into productive energy by knowing your product and its worth. That way, you can exude knowledge and confidence when dealing with customers.

3. Apply the Power of Silence

When a prospect goes silent during a sales conversation, they’re either contemplating something or specifically holding out to see if you’ll drop your price or add a concession. Don’t fall for this. When a prospect is silent after you’ve spoken or posed a question to them, don’t push them to respond. Yes, things can get a little awkward while you’re waiting for them to speak, but when you’re silent, it actually makes you seem more confident than you are, and reduces the appearance of nervousness.

Eventually, they’ll have to say something – unless they’re really awkward enough to immediately drop everything and walk out without uttering a word. Most of the time, though, they simply need a moment to collect their thoughts and respond to the information you’ve provided. Breathe easy and let them speak up before trying to fill silence with your words.

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