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My friend, the road to six figures is paved with over six million ways to get it.

How many are you using? Of those you’re using, how many of them are getting you guapped up while building and running your business?

Here are three specific ways you can make up to  $100K or more in sales this year. These methods are highly leveraged to scale your time and energetic investment.

Over time, the more you polish and perfect your approach to any of these strategies, the more intense and effective your results. Time is money. Let’s get the biggest bang for our buck, ya dig?

1. Creating Service Packages for Your Business

Are you a service based professional, such as a speech therapist, dental specialist, or dance instructor? Then creating packages is key to scaling up your sales and experiencing bigger paydays.

When you design your packages, bundle several relevant and interconnected service offerings at a price that’s worth your while yet maximizes customer value. If you have a monthly membership for your dance classes at $99 per month, then offering three months for $270 would give you more money upfront, while allowing the customer to enjoy a savings on the cost.

And this is just an example. There are plenty of ways to package your costs and implementation. You’re only limited by your creativity.

2. Designing Products that Scale Your Time and Reach

Product creation is another method to scaling your time and energy towards $100K. In 2011, Ash Ambirge of the Middle Finger Project did a very public experiment showing how she created $97K for her business using her blog as a marketing tool. A significant chunk of her sales? Product creation.

Ash designed information products that helped people who could not afford to work with her directly accomplish specific tasks. She also created classes and workshops to scale and leverage her time. You might be able to scale your time by creating classes and information products, or you can create tangible items like books.

This isn’t just for “consultants” and coaches. You’re a skin care specialist? Design your own skin care line. Dentist? Your own toothbrush or dental care system. Interior decorator? Your own line of home décor. Either way, you’re creating “cash and carry” products that add to your bottom line, bringing you closer to that 6-figure stack up.

3. Stepping up to the Platform with Public Speaking

Let’s be real: public speaking terrifies a lot of people. It’s one of the most common fears we have. But speaking publicly is ripe for sales opportunities. Speaking opens the world to you. People get to see, hear, and experience your energy in a manner they just do not get when you’re hiding behind a website, sales pamphlet, or book.

Some women get paid big bucks to speak – like $50,000 to $100,000 or more. Others don’t get paid directly for their appearance, but are allowed to sell books, kits, and other products at the event. Speaking in front of an audience is a great way to convert people who will purchase from you or sign up on your mailing list just because they love your energy. If you get paid to speak and people purchase, great! Money in your pocket. If you add people to your mailing list, they’re still worth money because they’re moving closer to becoming future clients.

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