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If you follow me on instagram, you’ll have seen that I went to see Selma with my husband last weekend. I was very excited for it, since you know, it’s a movie about MLK and was produced by Oprah (my favorites!!) It was a beautiful and tastefully done. I liked the new lens about the events during that time.

The reason why I feel I have more than just a regular appreciation for MLK, and why he inspired me to be a #BOSSBABE is because even when I was a child his words and passion just moved me. I remember looking up to him as a six year old. I would effortlessly watch the three hour long TV movie of him that they usually play on MLK day.

I appreciate King on so many levels. Here are three ways, he has inspired me as a #BOSSBABE.

1. First off, the man is a poet…

If you’ve never sat down and read his essays and letters that he wrote during his time in prison, you are missing OUT! Those are some of the most impactful, spiritual writings I’ve ever read. He had a gift of articulating complex politics and would use biblical metaphors and ancient philosophical principals to express the inequality he was experiencing.

MLK taught me that you can be smart as f*ck and also sound poetic as f*ck. Many world leaders sometimes only come with one of those qualities, but Dr. King is one that came with both. His writing style has influenced a lot of how I like to express my world views in a poetic way. It’s purely beautiful.

2. He Had Faith

Sometimes on a day where I feel “low” or “pressured” I think of him. He did not only deal with the every day sort of aches and pains but he was also leading a part of a huge political, civil movement. There are so many reasons, people, things, voices, threats that could’ve made this man give up. He was beat up, harassed, threatened by all races! I can only imagine some of the pain this man would harbor late at night when he really thought about what it was he was doing.

I’m sure that he felt crazy. I’m sure he had times where he had no hope. But, the point is that he stuck through with it with enough faith and he made a difference. I always have appreciated that some one like that existed for that cause. It’s not only him, but everyone who supported him. Part of the reason why I feel like that movement was so impactful was because people WERE willing to die and go to jail. That factor makes a huge difference in making societal change.

3. This

Do yourself the favor and listen to this today.

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