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Businesses, either being physically allocated or online, need a webpage in one way or another. The majority, if not all, have a web presence to establish their business. Presenting yourself online offers stakeholders to access what your business is about.

When we start up this process, most of us will be inclined to find a basic web layout, and fill out the rest of the necessities for the page. Well, it looks like going into 2015 and further, web page layout is crucial for marketing your company and gaining attention!

There are web page design trends that have been proven to work, and push past the norm of other websites. Besides, who wants to be  a follower?!

1. Multi-Media Compatibility

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 This may seem like a given fact that our webpage should be compatible to work on your computer, phone, and tablet. Surprisingly,  many businesses still haven’t upgraded their layouts to meet phone and tablet quality.

When you don’t upgrade your layout, your user engagement will decrease! With technology making us more responsive and needing things fast, many won’t have the patience to read a smaller font and increase the size of the page.

Responsive web designs will allow your stakeholders to access your webpage from their computer and phone, and have the same user engagement without the hassle!

Tip: There are many web layout designs you can buy, or receive help to create, that are compatible on all devices. Look for their trials, and see how it feels for you to look at it from a computer and laptop.

As well, if there are specific websites you’ve been eyeing, usually at the bottom of the page you can find the layout design or web creator who made it for them.

2. Video and/or Impactful Images

Have you visited a website that automatically had a video or images conquer the page? Did it also catch your attention to watch or view the content, and still received information on the business?

The trend of adding videos and images to your webpage has taken over! HD quality videos and photos are being used to explain what the company does, who they are, and much more, instead of writing a whole page on it.

Adding videos and photos make your company more authentic, interactive, and easier for stakeholders to access information. Many don’t have the time, or need, to read a whole page on what your company does. Adding videos that are fun, interactive, and simple to the point, will catch more attention!

Some examples of websites who do this perfectly are FitBit, Skype, and Samsung, and Risen Church.

Tip: Since you don’t want your webpage to be boring, make sure the photos and videos are not as well! Take good quality photos that are fun, and videos that are informative and engaging. A great example to learn more is with lifestyle marketing in last month’s business trends report.

3. Typography


We’ve been accustomed to the usual fonts like Times New Roman, Ariel, and Calibri for our website because they’re trusted.

Well, now you can go further! The latest trend for web design is typography with your header title, and content.

The three trends that have been noticed are handwritten fonts, mix and match fonts, and larger fonts.

All three of these add a personal aspect, and easier readability for your stakeholders. Handwriting fonts look authentic and creative, mix and match are rebellious and playful, and larger fonts grab people’s attention.

Great examples:

Tip: Experiment with the vast amount of fonts on Word or Illustrator. It’s recommended to have at least 5 examples of different fonts to experiment with. Once those are settled, try out kerning where you alter the spacing between letters to move them closer or farther apart.

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