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News flash: the typical seo strategies are getting outdated

Trying to drive traffic to your site via old school SEO methods can big ass headache. Social media is changing the way people are finding websites and I have some secrets on how you can use that for your favor. These are very simple and easy steps that can take no more than fifteen minutes to integrate a nice, fat traffic funnel to your web page.

You ready?

1. Comment on blogs that attract people who are in your target market

If you are in the beauty industry, for example, it would be wise to check out blogs like That Igbo Chick, You Blush or Gritty Pretty and comment something of value that will catch attention. Usually before you comment on these blogs, they ask that you include your name and website. Think about why that would be awesome…

That placement of your website URL on a popular website where a lot of your ideal clients go to spend their time is like a sitting traffic bomb! All you have to do is leave an informative, relevant comment (something that stands out). This allows you to “dip” into all of the views those popular websites get.

Now, I wouldn’t recommend sounding “overly pitchy”. Just say something simple and leave a reason for people to find a bit more about who you are.

2. Look for questions that you know the answer to and answer them using your link

If you had to guess the top five questions your ideal asks themselves what would they be?

Think about it and write it down.

Thanks to search engines like Google and Yahoo Answers, you can answer the exact question your potential clients are asking.

Search the top five questions that your ideal client asks themselves and see if you can answer them. Just like with the comments above, you don’t want to push your products or services on them too hard. Nobody likes a pushy saleswoman. Just genuinely answer their question and leave a link for people to click if they want to find out more about you. Other people search these questions too and they will be able to see your comment and thus your link.

3. Comment on a popular Instagram page

This strategy is similar to the first one that involves commenting on a blog that your ideal clients go to. The reason commenting on a popular instagram page can bring you more traffic is because just like number one, you are “dipping in” to the large amount of views that that profile gets.

Now, I am NOT saying that you should disregard the context of the picture and write in all CAPS and try to sell something on somebody else’s picture.  We’ve all seen those super spammy comment Beyonce gets. No. That’s not the best way to do it.

Sometimes just a simple “Wow, you look amazing!”. You can dare yourself to tastefully tie it back to your business like if you are a stylist you can comment saying something like “I love your skirt! I can’t wait to try this look on one of my new clients!” Whatever it is, make sure it’s something you really mean!

4. [BONUS] add your link when you leave a comment on the discussion den

I’ve been paying attention to the traffic that comes and leaves the #BOSSBABE empire and guess what?

The ladies who are taking the time out to leave links to their websites and social media in their responses in the discussion den are getting more clicks to then those who aren’t.

Every place you go on the internet (including the discussion den) is a place to drop your knowledge and tell more people about who you are. Even if the person who clicks to your page isn’t interested in your services it doesn’t matter. They might know somebody who would absolutely love your services!

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