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It’s occurred to me that being a Boss Babe means you have to know how to stay polished and ready for anything, even when you’re sort of slumming it.

I can not think of how many times I’ve had to go run an errand or stop by the store store on a while I’m in the middle of a production day!

Since generally Im in something super comfy and not very fashion forward on these types of work days, I use a simple set of rules to keep me lookin’ presentable and dare I say it, ‘fly’ to boot!

1. Groom, groom, groom! 


One of my favorite saying is ‘If you stay ready you never have to get ready’. That regular trip to the eyebrow threader each week can be a business expense if you’re the face of your brand like I am.


*The idea of this tip is to always be aware of what your personal maintenance needs are in order to better represent and support your brand.*

​2.​​ ​A bold lip / Signature lip color

For me, no matter how scruffy I feel, if I swipe on a bit of ‘Ruby woo’ (arguably MACs most perfect red) or Heroine I feel like a damn superhero… which is perfect, cuz I am one. So are you!

​​The next time you need to look a bit more ‘finished’ in a short bit of time, just throw on a bold lip color that makes you feel badass and “voila!!” your emergency cape has arrived!

3.​Put your sunnies on!!



This is my most favorite of all! I feel like I can hide any number of sins under my favorite sunglasses! Don’t you?! I mean how often do you see celebs out in public without a pair of shades on, really? Its rare right?

That’s because they know, what we know too: that the glare can be a lot to constantly deal with as the face of your brand. Stars, #BOSSBABES, badasses & busy-bodies everywhere can rely on their sunnies when more ‘off’ than ‘on’, yet still in the public eye.

Partied too hard last night and still have to meet the girls for brunch? Throw your sunnies on!

Need to run into the corner store for an alkaline water after staying up all night? Sunnies on!

Want to grab takeout from a spot where you’re bound to see someone (or everyone) you know, but you don’t have time for a full face of make up? Put your damn sunnies on, honey!

These tips work!

…but if you combine these 3 tips it​’​s like.​..​.. the perfect solution for those lazy, lax days where you still have to maintain the face of your busy brand or business without putting forth all the extra time & effort, where it could be better spent.

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