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Beyonce Knowles-Carter really needs no introduction.

“Queen Bee” is beyond a household name in 2014, she’s an icon and hero to a lot of women in America. Beyonce , American Singer & actress with an incredible track record and resume when it comes to killing the competition in entertainment. This woman has literally done it all! She has the fairy tale life to a lot of women because she was able to become this huge success without giving up her dream of becoming a wife and mother which many women struggle balancing! She’s the new age “superwoman”!

Beyonce has hundreds of accomplishments she has achieved throughout her career. With 17 Grammy awards, $75 million in world record sales; Beyonce is one of the world’s biggest names in show business. Beyonce has graced the stage at the Superbowl to the inauguration ball, she has no limits! Beyonce doesn’t just dominate the music charts and the stage … Beyonce is a global brand and works hard to keep it that way.

The top 14 business moves that make Beyonce “Queen” of everything are listed below:

1.Beyonce hails from #1 of the Top selling girl group of all time “Destiny Child’s”; she began pursuing music at the age of 8. (8 years old, already knew what her purpose was! #BossBabeMove)

destinys-child #bossbabe

2.Family Ties helped get her to the Top spot where she now resides- Beyonce’s Father managed her girl & mother designed for the group.

3.Beyonce created a global brand once she started her solo career

4.Only artist in history to have all her studio albums win the Grammy Award for Best Contemporary R&B Album. (#BossBabes produce QUALITY work!)

5.$50 million multi-year deal with Pepsi, the partnership includes commercials and print ads as well as a fund to support the singer’s chosen creative projects. (#BossBabesEndorsements)

6.The singer and her mother Tina Knowles run a fashion label House of Dereon, named after the star’s seamstress grandmother. (#Brand #FashionMogul #CrossBranding)

7.She stays involved at every stage of her campaigns, giving her control over her own brand. (#BossBabes don’t just attach their names to things, they get their hands dirty!)

8.Beyonce was the executive producer of her own HBO documentary “Life Is But A Dream” in which she tells her story through her own eyes. The film is filled with home movie clips from her childhood in Houston to her show preparations and her life with Jay-Z and daughter Blue Ivy. (#BossBabes do it all #Actress #Producing #Movies #Documentary)

9.From starring in her own documentary to films such as “Dreamgirls,” “Cadillac Records”,”The Fighting Temptations,and “The Great Gatsby” the songstress has kept her name in lights by contributing to movie soundtracks. (#BossBabeMove business is business!)

10.Beyonce granted Oprah an exclusive OWN interview (#BossBabes are exclusive, they don’t talk to everyone but they unite with other #BossBabes)

11.Beyonce supporting President Obama’s re-election campaign (#BossBabes use their power for the better of our community and environment)

12.Beyonce was invited to perform at President Obama’s 2nd Inaugural ball. (#BossBabes and power networking)
I Am… Sasha Fierce is the first international female album in history to be certified 2x Diamond in Brazil. (International #BossBabe)

13.Female artist who has spent the most weeks at No. 1 this decade (37 wks). (#BossBabesMoves)

14.Beyonce excelled in a the top selling girl-group just to go solo and become and even bigger star. There are NO limits for this woman, she’s a international star, brand, wife, mother, and superstar! (This #BossBabe is proof that your dreams are valid no matter what!)

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