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Do you have Oniomania or shopping as a recreational activity? It’s the compulsive desire to shop for every reason or, no reason at all.

Compulsive shoppers get a feeling of euphoria from the experience of throwing out a credit card and purchasing something they didn’t need.

Shopaholism is a real addiction.

Endorphins and dopamine in the brain get turned on and create good feelings. These great feelings reinforce the desire to shop and spend. So that’s what you do. Over and over again.

There are ten simple steps that can help you stop the cycle of Oniomania. They will take time to master, but being a strong and creative BossBabe you are, you will be able to master these steps in no time!


1.Recognize wants from needs.

Practice controlling your impulses to buy something by asking yourself if it is a need or a want. Physically let go of the item you want to purchase if it is just a want.

2. Realize you have a serious problem.

Avoid discount warehouses, malls and shopping districts. If you don’t need, anything avoid going not the shopping areas in your locality. Whatever you do, do not go inside a department store. Make a point to pick venues that are far from the nearest shopping district.

3.Avoid sales unless it is something you absolutely need.

Sales are a way that companies get rid of inventory quickly. While it’s nice to find things on sale, it isn’t as nice to realize that the money you spent could have been money saved for a business expense. Avoid your favorite shops that have sales and don’t fool yourself by thinking you can just look.

4. Set a budget and stick to it.

List your monthly income, set 10% aside for savings and list your regular expenses. Don’t go to the mall if you have no money left over. Find the discipline. It will pay off. Literally.

5. Seek support from a friend or family member.

Let a loved one keep you accountable. You need someone’s help to ensure that you are keeping the steps to curb impulse buying. Instead of going to the mall, go to the park. If you have to buy something, take along a friend that will keep you check. If you go with a friend who also has poor spending habits, you are more likely to splurge with her.

6. Write things down and add up your actual expenses and spending every month.

A diary of spending will give you a great idea where your money has gone. If you see how much you spent on frivolous items, you will be better able to stop your shopping addiction.

7. When you purchase gifts, ask what is wanted.

Knowing what someone wants gives you an idea of what to get and will help you buy only what they need and want. It won’t be fun like your usual gifts, but it won’t be the gift that gets tossed.

8. Always carry a shopping list even if you are going to shop for groceries.

Stick to your list. If something is not on your list, then you don’t need it. Pay with cash to help stay in your budget and leave the credit card at home. It’s easier to keep track of how much you spend when using cash rather then a swipe of a card.

9. Keep busy with other activities that don’t involve shopping.

When the urge to shop hits you, go for a walk or maybe read a book. After work, go home and relax by doing something creative. You don’t need the mall to unwind after a long day.

10. Reward Yourself

If you have followed these tips after a month, reward yourself with something that makes you feel awesome. Don’t make it expensive, you have a budget to follow. Maybe do something that isn’t even near a mall.

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