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I know things can get a little hectic and sometimes we all feel a bit over extended when living that boss life, so I’ve complied this list of top ten ways to decompress and de-stress.

1. Hot bath

bath #bossbabe

This option is not only free, but it relaxes the body & mind, while leaving your skin soft and supple too! Win-win-win, in my opinion. Throw in some of your favorite bubbles or bath salts (I prefer Epsom salts and or peppermint oil) & get your soak on! Just try to resist the urge to bring your notepad or laptop with you!! I know how you do boss babes…cuz I’ve done it too(:

2. Take a hike



In sunny Arizona we have great mountains and hills to hike but even if you don’t live in a valley like me, you can find gorgeous, fun, free places to hike, explore or have an outdoor adventure.

Relinquish the responsibilities of work, while marveling at the beauty of nature. This also benefits your business directly because often some of the best ideas, for business or otherwise, are born of taking the time to convene with nature.

3. Build with other Boss Babes over a glass of wine and snacks


By getting together with people who go through a lot of your same struggles and victories is generally ALWAYS a win. Now here’s the thing, this could easily turn into a work focused pow wow of ladies if you aren’t careful. Set a few ground rules like “anyone one to mention work throws $5 into the pot” and hold a raffle at the end of the gathering for the winnings. Or perhaps keep the work talk to a minimum by only sharing funny work related encounters with one another, or only sharing the successes of the past quarter. It’s not all about leaving work behind because for gals like us that’s hard to do, but sometimes being around like minds with similar experiences to us can help us to cope with our day to day struggles, more than we know.

4. Hang out with kids!


Whenever my godson cones over, sometimes I literally forget to work. Something about the presence of a seven year old reminds me to stop and smell the flowers. Don’t like kids? Play with a puppy for a bit. Puppy cuddles are good too!!

5. Just Take A Nap


Sometimes this is easier said than done but trust me, if and when you become stressed, you take some time to stop spinning with the world and relax into a 20-40 minute snooze you’ll wake up brand new. Thank me later.

6. Revisit Your Accomplishments


Sometimes we feel as though there’s always so much to do that we forget how much has been done already. I’m sure you have accomplishments that if you acknowledged them right now you’d feel pretty great about moving forward to the next one. You can do it (cuz you’ve done it before)!!

7. #Werk Out!


Go to the gym, run around your block, or grab your guy or gal & engage in anything that gets your heart rate up. This is a no brainer and probably my most favorite way to eliminate stress. Sometimes when I can’t leave the studio I just do push ups beside my desk until my arms are noodles and each and every time I feel so much better.

8. Indulge in a Guilty Pleasure

I am (kinda not really) sad to say that often my guiltiest of pleasures is reality tv, but yours may be a glass of bubbly, a fine cheese, a night of wine tasting with friends, or making comfort foods with family. No matter what it may be, your guilty pleasure will surely stimulate the zones in your mind related to happiness and satisfaction rather than stress and tension. Just remember, everything in moderation! We’ve still got work to do

9. Clean up your workspace


Sometimes we fail to notice the way our environment effects or mind & even our productivity levels. Often times when I feel stressed about work I clean up my workspace a bit & though it isn’t as fun to do as the rest of the things on the list, it does indeed encourage a business with a happy boss instead of an unpleasant boss, who maybe often feel defeated instead of the powerful #bossbabe she was born and bred to be. I have creative business (one of the scariest, messiest type of business), so you can trust me on this. Just take a few minutes to pick up a few stray items in your space and watch the stress melt away & the new ideas & opportunities come flooding in. ( I will elaborate on the benefits of a clean, clear workspace in a future post )

10. Five minute dance party


Now I got this idea from an episode of “30 Rock” when Tina Feys character Liz Lemon would give her employees a 5 minute dance break to help them recharge a bit during their longest of work days. 5 minutes doesn’t necessarily sound like a lot, but when you stop what your doing, turn up the Beyoncé & break out your illest dance moves, five minutes is more than enough to make you feel loads less stressed while still keeping you on track with the bigger picture. Dance silly…Dance sexy… Just dance, damn it!! (Word to Lady Gaga)

I hope you refer to this list the next time you’re feeling overwhelmed or too stressed to produce quality work. Let’s all remember to take care of ourself to take better care of our businesses!


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