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Jennifer had launched her own media design company.

Marvelous Media was sexy and spectacular in every way, yet Jennifer struggled to turn a profit.

She knew how to design, brand, and craft copy, but she wasn’t savvy in sales. Because she didn’t know how to sell, she couldn’t even come close to breaking even in her business.

Frustrated with her results, Jennifer read every blog, book, and interview she could on sales. She experienced a slight increase in revenue, but nothing was consistently bringing in the money.

Jennifer’s investment was sharp. After struggling on her own, she hired a sales coach. Within 6 months, she grossed $70,000 in sales.

Why Sales Coaches can Help You go 0 to 100 in Your Business

Being a salesperson is something like being an athlete. You’re only going to perform at your best when you practice your craft as much as possible, and invest in yourself.

Athletes invest in nutritional supplements, fitness equipment, athletic wear, and personal trainers and coaches. They also invest time and discipline in their craft.

You’re a salesperson, so you’re going to invest in reading materials, business clothing, and mentorship, training, and support from people who can help you maximize the f*ck out of your results.

Sales coaches work with you one on one to improve your salesmanship. Ideally, your sales coach has personal experience selling items in your industry, or an exceptional sales record of achievements in their own career.

Working with a sales coach can help you identify those things that weaken your sales results. A sales coach can point out that your closing strategy is wrong, or highlight the strength in your intuitive tone of voice. Most of all, a sales coach will customize your experience so that the results are unique and exceptionally shaped to fit your needs, and no one else’s.

Why Not Just Read Another Book or Talk to My Manager?

Sales coaches cost a pretty penny, especially when they drive results, so it’s easy to see why you’d want to instead save that money and buy another book, or talk to your manager for pointers instead. But I challenge you to look into a sales coach for the following reasons.

  • Sales coaches are unbiased.

Your sales manager is very biased. They’re not going to help you become a great salesperson. They’re only interested in helping you become the best salesperson you can be for the company. Taking time to train you further takes more time and attention out of your manager’s way. How devoted is that manager to your success?

A sales coach doesn’t care what you’re selling. They’re going to help you mold your attitude, perspective, and mindset to sell anything you want, anytime, anywhere.

  • Books are Highly Supplemental – Action is Necessary

Reading a book can really help you determine broader points of execution. But a book in and of itself is rarely enough for you to go 0 to 100 with your sales results. And how many books will you read before you take action? Paying for a coach forces you to put your money where your mouth is, and as a result, you’ll be driven to earn back the cost of your investment.

I’m not saying don’t read books. I love books. I’m just saying if you want strong results in a shorter amount of time, books are a supplement, not a strategy. And speaking of strategy…

  • Sales Coaches come with Strategies

Books, blogs, and interviews are good to research. Talking with your sales manager is another way to strengthen your skills. But a sales coach will look at your industry, your product, and YOU to design a specific strategy tailored to give you the best results. A finely tuned strategy from your coach is akin to getting a tailored Canali at Nordstrom. You’re going to look – and feel – damned good with the results.

Sales managers sometimes play the role of coach for newer reps. But often that doesn’t happen. If that’s the case, you might want to hire a sales coach. Especially since some research shows that three out of four salespeople are not effective at the jobs, mostly because they’ve had no formal training or education in how to sell.

Coaching is different from sales training. Training takes place in a classroom setting, where a group of salespeople receive instruction. Coaching is a one-on-one relationship, and takes place over the course of months.

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