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Trying to post something to each social media platform can be straight up annoying and time consuming if you don’t have a #WERKING system set up. Especially when some of the top social media sites purposefully don’t make themselves compatible with each other due to their own feuds.

For example, have you ever noticed that when you post to twitter through instagram, it doesn’t show the picture automatically in the twitter feed? If someone wants to view the picture you posted while you were on instagram, they have to click the link which opens a separate browser on the phone and takes you to instagram. The tool I’m about to show you will give you ways to prevent that.

Instagram and Twitter are known in the tech world for not getting along and so they do things like not make their sites compatible to prove a point. But if you are just trying to get your marketing on, you don’t have time to pick sides with the fight. You’re number one priority is getting your information out there.

That’s why I love this amazing site called (If this, then that). It’s basically a website that makes mini computing software for your social media so that you can arrange custom responses from your accounts to do very specific things.

iftt bossbabe

It’s different than a site like Hootsuite or Sprout Social which are also good but, they don’t let you get specific with how and what you’d like to post with IFTT. For example, if you’ll notice for the #BOSSBABE twitter account, our pictures are always displayed openly without having to click on a link. How did we do that? IFTT!

You can set up “recipes” so that your accounts respond to certain notifications. So for #BOSSBABE, every time I use the hashtag “#BOSSBABE” on instagram, it pings the IFTT recipes¬†so that the same post gets uploaded on Twitter and Facebook. I don’t have to do anything but use the hashtag #BOSSBABE!

You can set up more specific recipes. Like pinging your mail box to your wordpress site or your instagram account to your Facebook business page. It’s really helpful and you only have to set it up once and it will do the rest of the work for you.

May your social media posting be easier!


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