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Okay, so let’s pretend you just came up with the most amazing info-product or service on the internet. You’ve planned it for weeks. You’ve put your absolute best in creating this product and you know it will sell like hot cakes. The morning of the launch comes and you tell everyone about this new offer.

An hour passes by- no sales. A few hours pass by- no sales. It’s the end of the day- still no sales.

What the hell did you do wrong? You can see the stats and people have clicked onto the site, so they must be reading your offer. It’s just that no one is buying. Why? Two major reasons. I’ll be telling you what they are and what tools you can use to fix them up.

The two major reasons:

1) Your copy was not good enough.

I’m not trying to diss you, I’m giving you advice that will help you get paid. It doesn’t matter how good your product is, if you can’t explain it in a way that will motivate your prospect into buying, right then and there, they simply won’t buy. Look over what your copy is saying. It should make your viewer either say “This is EXACTLY what I need!” or “This is exactly what “so-and-so” needs!”.

They should clearly be able to understand what you are selling.

Ask yourself these questions when reading over your copy:

  • “Would someone who reads my copy be able to understand what I’m selling?
  • “Could they explain it enough to explain it to somebody else?”
  • “Am I explaining my product in a way that solves people problems?”
  • “Am I using language that my ideal client uses?”

2) Your site wasn’t easy enough to buy from

When you are offering an online offer, a “buy now” button should be very easy to find. It doesn’t hurt for the button to big and bright. You should aim to put one on the top, middle and bottom of the page. You don’t want to lose a potential sale just because somebody couldn’t find where to purchase it. makes easy and beautiful conversion pages. is another great conversion page generator.

What is a Conversion page?

An easy to navigate webpage made exclusively to sell an product or service. (i.e. to “convert” sales). The best part about conversion pages, is that you can sell anything. Physical products, info-products, coaching services etc.

Remember to speak to your ideal clients problems. Once you get these two elements of your offer sharpened up, you will start turning onlookers into buyers.

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