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If you have a book yet or not, this is a helpful article for you. These are three super juicy tips that pave the way into a successful book launch. You want to make sure your book fits perfectly with your brand,  your message and your professionalism and these three guiding suggestions do just that.

1. Ensure Flawlessness

You can’t sell a book if you don’t have a book you’re proud to sell. Yes, you can write a book, but that doesn’t mean you feel comfortable or confident promoting said book. This could be for any number of reasons, including fear your content isn’t “good” enough, or worries about what others may think.

Whether you’re writing fiction, or developing your book as a tripwire to display your expertise, devote effort to publishing something you’re proud to stand behind. I’ve written books in the past, but what always stopped me from promoting was rushing through the work – and, in some cases, being scared to say, “Yo, this is my book on [X-rated topic]. It’s the bomb, and you should buy it.”

We’re all nervous to pop our collar in the face of the public, but once you get used to it, it’s nothing. Calm your nerves by making sure your book is properly outlined, written, edited, and outfitted with a slamming cover that really captures the energy of your message or story, and looks like the professional product it is.

2. Design Your Marketing Strategy

Writing and publishing are only part of successful book sales. You need a strategy for your book’s promotion to get sales – and you need this strategy outlined before you even finish putting the last sentence into place.

Pore through the digital strategies of other authors. You can study interviews with self-published writers like Kara King, who makes approximately $13,500 per month from her book, Pussy Power. ( – link)

A great book to invest in is Sell Your Book Like Wildfire by Rob Eagar ( . This book is literally designed to help you position yourself as the author to buy from, be your book digital or physical.

Of course, don’t forget to promote the book in your blog, and have a couple of ads done for Instagram, Facebook, and other sites, so you can really promote your book and drum up sales.

3. Get Pre-sales with Advanced Review Copies

When you’re getting ready to release your book, getting carefully screened people to read your book and review it in advance of release is helpful. Advanced reviewers give honest feedback on your book, allowing skeptics and savvy shoppers to see your book is worth the investment. Remember, a bad book is not only a waste of money, but time also – and nobody likes wasting their time on a bad read.

Also, depending on the retailer, you can allow people to pre-order your book too. Advanced copies that lead to great reviews, along with a solid promotional strategy, can lead to some great sales. This momentum is powerful, and can get you on the right track to becoming a bestselling author.

Check out this article for an insightful scope on how to give advanced review copies and drum up sales. (

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