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HOW TO design your ad to generate more sales boss babe

The Way To Format Your Text To Get Your Ad To Make More Sales

Ever wonder why certain ads look better than others while you're reading them? It's because there is a special method in how the format is laid out. It's amazing how something like text format, can have such an immense effect on how we absorb messages but it totally does. In fact, I'm going to let...
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bossbabe 3 reasons why you hate selling

3 Reasons Why You Hate Selling Your Product

How do you sell if you hate selling? To sell if you hate selling is transformative and eye-opening to master. It forces you to recognize the energy and attitude you have to things you’re promoting. Have you ever noticed what it’s like when you’re in a store and someone’s trying to get you to buy...
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how to generate awesome blog headlines boss babe

Can’t Think Of A Headline? You Don’t Have To

Ever have an amazing blog post but when it comes to creating to a super click worthy headline, your head just gets stuck? Enter HubSpot's Blog Topic Generator, your quick and easy headline generator. This is how you do it:  1. Head over to 2. Type in up...
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how to make easy and stunning graphics using remade templates  2

How To Make Easy And Stunning Graphics Using Templates

Ever wish there was just a simple and easy way to design a quick ad or press release without having to start from scratch? Well thank me later. introducting canva When I first discovered Canva I knew this was a gift from God. I know a lot of graphic designers and entrepreneurs use photoshop which...
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4 things every successful saleswoman does with her appearance

4 Things Every Successful Saleswoman Does With Her Appearance

Jim Klein said, “You never get a second chance to make a good first impression.” When it comes to sales, this is one of the truest statements ever made. As a sales person, your appearance is crucial to closing the deal. We’re women, and as much as we scream for equality, the truth is we’re...
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3 secret places you should be putting your business url to double the traffic to your site

3 Secret Places That You Can Be Putting Your Website Link To Bring Double Traffic

News flash: the typical seo strategies are getting outdated Trying to drive traffic to your site via old school SEO methods can big ass headache. Social media is changing the way people are finding websites and I have some secrets on how you can use that for your favor. These are very simple and...
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