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This Month’s Masterclass Leader: Reese Evans

This Month’s Masterclass Topic: Creating A Passive Income Stream

Reese Evans

Creating A Passive Income Stream

 Meet this month’s master mind leader Reese:


I help female creatives, and future girl bosses create a blog, business and life they love.
I created yes supply co. because I saw so many smart, talented, and interesting women….settling.
Settling for lives that didn’t excite them, for jobs that didn’t pay well, for relationships that were lack-luster. I wanted to do something about it.

I’ve been there too. Working in a job where I literally cried my eyes out before my shifts, doing the same monotonous tasks every-single-day that bored me to death, and didn’t allow me to be creative, make the things I wanted to and say how I really felt.


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