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This Month’s Masterclass Leader: Jared Kleinert

This Month’s Masterclass Topic: How to plan and execute a six-figure (or higher!) product launch.

This month, we talk about how to plan and execute a six-figure (or higher!) product launch. We are joined by entrepreneur, TED speaker, and award-winning author Jared Kleinert, who just released his second book 3 Billion Under 30 featuring Boss Babe Founder Alex Wolf!

If you loved Tim Ferriss’ new book Tools of Titans, then you’re probably also love 3 Billion Under 30. And to launch his new book into the market, he’s followed a 3 step process he’s taught other #1 NYT bestselling authors, record-setting crowdfunding campaigns, Fortune 500s, and even the United Nations about how to ensure a launch will earn at least $100,000 in revenue, if not seven figures and beyond! Now he’s teaching you this exact process…

Jared himself was named USA Today’s “Most Connected Millennial”, and he’s spent the last few years meeting, befriending, and interviewing “top-performing” Millennials like:

  • Matt Mullenweg, founder of WordPress
  • Jake Paul, a 20 year old online influencer with over 17M+ followers
  • Karen Civil, manager of major music acts like YG and Jeezy
  • Katrin Davisdottir, the two-time “Fittest Woman in The World”
  • Nim de Swardt, the “Global Millennials Manager” of Bacardi

In total, 75 “top-performing Millennials” are featured in 3 Billion Under 30, and together they’ve started companies worth billions of dollars that influence hundreds of millions of people every single month. What has Jared learned from these top-performers that he can share with us? It turns out…quite a lot!

Normally, he charges clients around $20,000 to teach the advice he’s shared in this Masterclass, but because Boss Babe is featured in his book and he wants to make sure you can all share your ideas with the world after hustling so hard to make moves, he’s distilled his thoughts into a practical training video for you below.

What are the results of this method? Jared helped one company quadruple their sales in a month for $250,000 in additional revenue en route to the top Indiegogo campaign of all-time in their product category. He even helped the founder of UGGs launch a new book and public speaking career with Jared’s help. And, Jared’s last book was called the “#1 Entrepreneurship Book of 2015” according to the Axiom Business Book Awards in part because he successfully launched his product into the marketplace.


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