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It’s marketing 101 to know about collecting people’s email addresses in order to inform them about your offers.

Big woop.

What do you do after you’ve collected a nice group of interested folks but they aren’t clicking or signing up for what you are selling?

First off, don’t take it personal. People don’t engage for many reasons, and most of the time it’s not because they don’t like you. Things come up. They get distracted. They haven’t got paid that week yet. They were checking their email to read something else. They had a question but they didn’t put in the energy to email you about it.

So that’s why it’s good to give a little, friendly and tasteful nudge every once and a while.


Most people in sales will tell you that most sales occur after the prospect has said no a number of times.

Think about your own experience. How many times have you not been interested in a product but once you saw it four, five or six times, you started to gain interest. The more you heard about it, the more it sounded like something you can benefit from.

You can do that will what you’re selling. In fact, you should.

How can you turn these no’s into yes’s?

Setup an email autoresponder to be that persistent friendly and informative salesperson.

There is a number of different types of buyers, like the “hyper-excited”. These ones want to buy it even before opening the email. Then you have the most sceptical and most difficult to convince buyers.

So even if you have a great sales letter you will only convert a certain percentage of people on the first viewing. Others will only buy after seeing the information the certain number of times that suits their style. Some people need to see that something has been around for a while before they will give it any credibility.

Now of course you can improve those odds by getting a professional direct marketer to write your sales letter, doing a joint venture with a more experienced direct marketer or by giving a special offer with a discount and/or free bonuses.

These are all great things to do but let’s get back to focusing on direct simplistic benefits of the autoresponder. The autoresponder is the perfect sales person.

Create separate campaigns (list of people’s email addresses) with different messages for different types of products. It is much easier to sell to a list of people that have a common interest than just to a common list. Set up each campaign with a series of messages, pre-programmed to go out at a certain interval of days. (i.e. Instant, Day 3, Day 7 etc etc).

Encourage them to take action and use your words to help them see the benefits of doing that.

After you set it up once, this can all happen automatically as soon as the prospect subscribes to your list. You can just tweak the messages and improve on them over time until you have the perfect salesperson staying in contact with your customer and ensuring that you have every chance to make a sale.

Meanwhile you are sleeping, scrolling through pinterest or coming up with other money making ideas.

For people to buy from you they need to trust you. Regular contact with the person and giving them useful information is a great way to achieve this.

Now before we get too carried away with this idea, are you in this business to send out information or to run a business and make money? Now you want to be clear on that as professionally run businesses generally make the most money.

Sure, you want these people to improve their lives.

As a quality entrepreneur, you always send people valuable information. Remember this, People’s lives only change when the person changes, and the catalyst for them changing is to make a choice about something.

Buying your product can be one of those choices that are moving them towards something that they want.

So set up a persuasive series of messages in your autoresponder to encourage people to take action and get your product.

Get them excited about the possibilities!

Continue the series of messages after purchase to encourage them to take action and use the product to get what they want. If you help them with this they will be much more likely to buy other products that you introduce to them.

So make sure you capture peopleís email addresses and use the magic of the perfect persistent salesperson to create credibility and plenty of sales.

Autoresponders are one of your best friends, use them well.

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