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Although a cliché thought, you will get out of your day and your life exactly what you put into it. If you’re unhappy and don’t feel like the person you want to be, then stop whining and do something about it. It all starts with your mood—once you feel happy with you, you will feel happy in general!

Here is a little routine I have cooked up to get through my day feeling like a total and complete BOSS.

1.Wake Up On Time

Seriously, the worst way to start your day is in a hurry.  Get out of bed, stretch and take it easy. If you start stressing early morning, then you will continue to stress all day. Make sure you have time to take a shower, do your make-up and pick the right shoes.

2. #Werk Out

Personally, working out gives me a sense of accomplishment. Have you ever felt so productive that you want to do more? Happens to all of us. That’s why I rather work out in the morning (a late night workout is ok too). Give yourself a daily goal—nothing crazy, just enough to break a sweat and make you feel like you’ve done something. Accomplishments are like potato chips. You accomplish one thing and you are going to want more.


3. Eat

I don’t understand those people that say, “I’m not a breakfast person.” What does that even mean? Everyone is a breakfast person. A hungry person is not a happy person. You need to eat!

4. Look Your Best

My worse days start out with flats and no eyeliner. Again, wake up with enough time to have a beauty session in the morning. Brush your hair, do your make-up and pick out an outfit that tells the world who you are that day.

5. Listen To Motivating Music

What is that one song that makes you feel like a total badass? Figure it out and listen to it on replay in your car. Blast it and sing along, regardless of who is looking at you.” INDEPENDENT” by Boosie is the one that gets me going every morning. It reminds me what my goals are and motivates me to work for it. Listen to Beyoncé if want—she can make any woman feel like a boss.

6. Forget The Negative

Stop whining. I used to live to whine, and want to know something? It doesn’t help the situation, darling. It only makes you unbearable to be round. Forget you not liking yourself; no one will like you. I don’t care how much of an ass your boss is or how evil your best friend is. Don’t let it get to you because at that moment you are letting others take over your life. Think of the positive instead—it’s not that hard.

7.  Stay Organized

Make a list. Check it twice and get to work. Keep track of your to-dos. What needs to get done? It may be schoolwork, actual work or errands—figure it out and write it down. Slowly scratch one by one off your list and I guarantee that you will feel sane and accomplished all day.

8. Count To Ten And Smile

Smile at the person that pisses you off the most. Weather it’s your boss, mother or sister, don’t let them ruin your day. The minute you get mad and adrenaline starts racing through your body, breath in, count to 10 and smile. Once your ears stop feeling like they were in an easy bake oven, handle the situation however you see fit, but smile first.

 9. Speak Your Mind

Stop agreeing with everything people say. Next time your boss tells you that you’re not working hard enough, use my count to 10 routine, smile and tell him how you really feel. Things can be said politely; there is no need to be rude or nasty—unless you really want to be. Whatever is left unsaid will roll on to the next day and make you angry about it all over again. Who wants to be angry about something that happened yesterday? No one. Say it nicely, yell it out or send an email. It doesn’t matter—just spit it out!

10. Drink Wine! (A lot of it!)

Unless there is a reason you shouldn’t drink alcohol, have a wine session every night. It helps! Even if none of these steps help you have a good day, wine always comes through. That one sip will change everything, I promise. I’m not making this stuff up. 

These step work perfectly for me, but if they don’t work for you find your own routine and stick to it. Don’t settle for a bad day, and don’t let the little things—like other people—get to you. Remember, you are your own boss and you will have a great day because you say you are.


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