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If you’re a sensitive and authentic individual, the concept of being a salesperson can feel prickly. Your discomfort isn’t necessarily due to sales itself, but perceptions we tend to hold regarding sales. Thanks to society and bad experiences, we tend to perceive salespeople as shiesty Machiavellians determined to pressure, manipulate and do anything necessary to make the sale.

Plenty of salespeople actually know the difference between selling their soul and selling with soul. Salespeople who know how to sell with soul are heart-centered. They design their sales conversations in a manner that’s friendly, respectful and in tune with their clients. Here are four tips to hustle with heart and soul so you can make plenty money – and sleep well every night.

4 Ways To Never Worry About Coming Off As A Sleazy Sales Woman

1. Identify and build Your Soul Tribe

Begin with having a good circle of customers who mean a lot to you. You don’t simply vibe with the people in your Soul Tribe – there’s a sonic BOOM in the connection. Soul Tribe members feel more like friends than customers – except they’re happy to pay. (No homie hookups here.) The ease of interaction makes selling easier, because the interactions are like pleasant convos than pitches.

Not sure how to determine who your Soul Tribe is? Start by designing your Soul Tribe persona. It’s similar to creating a buyer’s persona. Great ways to learn about them include holding focus groups, thinking over who your best customers are and developing a profile on them, and designing a client vision board.

2. Use Emotional Appeal

The most seductive people aren’t just sexy – they’re great listeners. Probe your customers to open up about their needs, uncover their desires hidden between the lines of their answers and match your recommendations in response to their unspoken pain points.

“The heart yearns to express and experience love, joy, peace and wonder.  When selling from the heart, your clients feel that you have their interests at heart and that you’ll take care of them throughout the transaction – and beyond, if necessary,”

 Says Kadena Tate, Monetization and Business Strategist, she continues;

“People buy based on feelings. Find out what they need—Ask them what’s REALLY important to them—and sell the feeling associated with the object of their desires!”

3. Shift Your Focus Away from the Sale and into Sharing Generously

This sounds counterintuitive, but it works. Focusing on the sale takes away from the heart of selling. Yes, ma, you’re here to make a profit. But you can’t make an authentic profit if you’re not focused on the customer’s needs. Focus on improving their outcome, and trust that the money will follow.

The current longstanding trend in sales and marketing is in education. Customers need to know you’re informed and knowledgeable before they buy from you. Allow your intelligence and sexy personality to standout. Share knowledge and expertise freely, leading with your gifts.

I’ll leave you with the following quote:

“Selling equals service. When you sell, sell from honesty, integrity, and compassion. It is not about a hard sell, it is about a heart sell. Selling is about leading and moving people to action.” – Eric Lofholm

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