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Marketing is a form of communication, one intended to open the lines of knowledge and make people aware of you and what you’re offering. One of the most overused lines for not marketing a product is that which labels your product or service a commodity. AKA – “My product is ordinary, therefore it’s not special. Everyone buys it at the same price.”

First and foremost, if you’re a #BOSSBABE, what are you doing hustling something basic? Let’s be real; if it were truly as basic as you say, you wouldn’t have any interest in it. And if you’re hustling it because it’s a “safe commodity” that “everyone else” is selling, therein lies your problem: you lack the actual passion for it, because you’re only driven by profit.

If you cannot change what your product is, you’ve got to change what your product means. So what does this mean? 

• You’re no longer selling financial services. You’re selling luxurious credit solutions to help women live great lives with financial wisdom.

• You’re no longer selling body scrubs and oils. You’re selling a natural escape from the urban jungle with blissful treats sourced from the Earth.

• You’re no longer making websites. You’re designing digital identities that reflect the soul of your clients.

Creating change in your product starts with branding. Your brand – your best, most authentic and sexiest brand – starts with you.

Polish your brand. Polish your perspective on your product. Polish the perspective your clients have regarding you and your products, and taste the sweet satisfaction of debunking the myth that you’re another basic broad selling basic label sh*t at basic label prices.

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