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This is a very simple and easy trick that separates a rinky-dink ad online to a way more professional looking one. It’s so simple that you will be hitting yourself in the head for not knowing it earlier.

You ready?

Don’t Let Your Text Compete with the Background

As you can see, when you look at a website that is professionally designed, the words always pop out. Some people like to sacrifice their text in the hopes that image will get it’s fair share of being appreciated but ladies, you don’t want to sacrifice a potential sale for that.

Don’t get me wrong, in advertisements, pictures play a humungous role but never deny the power of the text. The text is what you are using to communicate the very important details about whatever you are selling. Thus, it should be clear and super easy to read.

Here’s an example of how text looks like when it’s competing with the image:

bossbabe sample text bad

What I want you to notice here is, even thought you can sort of read the text, it’s still competing with the background image in certain areas. The “M” is getting blended in the background.

Also, the background image is really colorful. It’s a statement image which brings the viewers eyes to the image more than it does to the text. Remember, this is your potential customer who is watching, you want them to read the text.

 Here’s an example of how text looks when it isn’t competing with the background: 

bossbabe sample text good

Do you see what a difference there is the both the quality of the text and the photo when the background image is darkened? All that was done here was a darkening of the image. You can easily add this affect with Canva or Picmonkey.

The text pops out way more than it did in the prior image and the viewer is more inclined to actually reading it now. At the same time, the viewers eyes can now choose (instead of feeling forced) to look at the background image and appreciate it.


Now that you know this trick, you will start to see it everywhere. You will quickly be able to spot out professionally designed graphics. To apply this design tool to your images, you can use photoshop, Canva or Picmonkey.


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