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As a car salesperson, I’ve found the automotive industry quite intimidating. It’s an industry run by men, and I’ve found no matter where you go, it can be hard to earn the respect and trust of professionals, peers, and prospective customers. As a woman, how can I be on the same level or better when it comes to making the sales? How can I get the trust and respect I deserve during the sales process?

The automotive industry is definitely a competitive industry. There are so many cars on the market, and a wealth of people willing to sell the same car you have in a competitive fashion. And yes, considering most women didn’t grow up playing with model cars and trucks, it is an industry run by men.  Regardless of these circumstances, you can thrive in car sales – and use being a woman to your advantage!

Pro-Tips for Selling Cars

1. Investigate Your Inventory 

The most important thing is to assess your inventory, and the kind of dealership you’re working at. Does your dealership carry a specific brand, or are there multiple brands in one place?

When your dealership carries a specific brand family, then you’re able to really energize your brain by learning all about the company, including its brand story, how the cars are manufactured, and the specific outliers that make different models stand out. The more you know, the better you can intuitively connect the right car to the right person.

Now, if you’re working at a dealership that has different cars and models, you’ll have to do the same, but I would focus on those top 2 or 3 brands or the top price range of the cars that get sold at that dealership.

2. Keep the Shopper Focused 

Letting your customer roam the lot without any focus can be damaging to your sales process. If your business provides one, use a guest information sheet to collect the prospect’s needs. These forms are also great lead generation tools, because you get the customer’s contact information in the event they don’t buy that day.

Once you’ve collected the shopper’s information, you should have an idea of where they live, what kind of car they need, the ideal price range they wish to spend within – and most importantly, the features they really need from their car.

Match the customers to cars by the features and benefits first, and allow price and style to help them whittle their way to the right selection. Of course, stick as close to the car model as possible. Don’t show them an SUV when they want a sedan. Rather, show them a Volvo, Toyota, and a Nissan – all sedans – and let them narrow their selections from there.

3. Use being a Woman to Your Advantage

Being a woman is always an asset, even when it seems like it’s not. Of course, people will need to get over their skepticism about women and car sales, but here’s what you can do to make the most of your position.

First, look at your appearance. We’re in a society where a woman’s appearance matters. Is your appearance clean, professional and attractive? It doesn’t matter what size you are, there are attractive professional clothes to flatter your frame.

Touch up your appearance with the right amount of makeup. Don’t freak out and get the entire MAC counter. Just a little mascara and clear gloss can make your face pop.

Appearance aside, make it a point to make sure you’re on top of the inventory. Know all the cars in your lot, know why people buy those cars, and position yourself as an expert by knowing which car would fit specific needs off the top of your head. Use that knowledge, plus your beautiful feminine smile to charm customers, and let them get their head blown by realizing that yes, a beautiful, young, intelligent woman can know her sh*t when it comes to the car game.

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