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Salespeople come in two forms: Amateurs and Pros.

You don’t want to be an amateur. You need to be a pro.


Sales pros make more money. And because they’re on their grind and know what they’re doing, they experience a higher quality of life, more respect from their peers and clients, and experience more favorable treatment.

Sales pros also have higher levels of confidence and esteem – perhaps because many of them have bank accounts that look like phone numbers?

Shift from rookie to master with these simple steps.

1. Show Initiative

Sales amateurs aren’t necessarily lazy, but they overlook opportunities to seize the day. Paying attention to the small details, staying alert for ways to optimize or make something better, testing new concepts and systems, and doing more than what’s required of you are all ways to demonstrate initiative in sales.

Perfect example: Your sushi-loving client just arrived in town, so you give them a $20 gift card to the best sushi place in the city, or better yet, if they’re a really good client, you take them out to dinner.

2. Treat Sales Like the Profession It Is

Professionals are never done learning. Instead of stopping at your degree, your last certification, or the last major training, continue to improve yourself and your outlook with love and passion. Make love to the craft by investing in materials, trainings, and experiences that help you improve your performance over time.

Give your career the same level of dedication you would give any other career. Keeping a focused attitude with a commitment to growth ensures you never stop learning and always stay on the leading edge of the industry.

3. Embrace Failure – Because the Sh*t Happens

Amateurs are filled with fear – so much so that they refuse to take risks. As a sales pro, you can’t pussywuss out of your money. Money is a major influence for being a salesperson. Throughout your journey, you’ll encounter experiences that really try your spirit. These experiences can make or break you – and they’re rough to deal with. 

However, that’s not necessarily a bad thing – because, on the other side of the challenge, should you get through it – you’ll find a rainbow of knowledge and opportunity that can’t be found within the pages of a textbook. Embrace the failures, the challenges, the bullsh*t, and rock on, because you’ll be a stronger salesperson for it.

4. Master and Enforce Professionalism

Professionalism is a must when you’re a sales professional. Make sure your game is tight. Keep your wardrobe tight, your image consistent, your language precise, and your attitude on point. Sharpen your ear to improve your listening skills – because sales professionals are adept at listening and matching their customers’ issues to their solutions.

Remain productive with your time, be ruthless with clients who are wasting time and taking advantage, and remember your number one goal is to solve the customer’s problem. The more problems you solve, the more you get paid. 😉

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