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You know me, if I can make something accessible by phone, I’m going to do it! Running a business sometimes means you are literally managing a business while you’re on the f*cking run. Shout out to those moms who check their balances on the way to pick up their kids or the chicks hosting webinars from their phone at the local cafe.

This age of technology makes it possible for you to connect with clients, investors and colleagues with a cute and shiny hand-sized computer! Yay!

1. Paypal 

Paypal has a really cool and clean app where you can do things like check your balance, request and send money. It saves your email address so that all you need to do is input your password to get access to your goods. They also will show you all the local places that will accept payments with your PayPal account. You can set up push-notifications every-time you send or receive a payment.

Forget social media notifications! Get notified when you are paid!


2. QuickBooks

If you manage your expenses or if you have an accountant, this is an awesome app to use that will fully integrate with your quickbooks account. You can create and mange invoices. You are able to organize and categorize expenses and use screenshots to sent to clients as receipts.


3. Evernote 

If you aren’t using Evernote you are tripping!! If you forget stuff, this is the BEST digital place to keep track of your million dollar ideas and not lose them. It’s essentially a digital notepad that you can use on all of your screens. It’s accessible through your phone, laptop, tablet. You can save articles, snippets, videos links, notes. It’s brilliant. They also have a very trusted encryption to keep your sensitive files and ideas safe!


4. Wifi Map

Sometimes I get frusterated when I have to connect to fast wifi and I am not in the mood to walk around to figure out where to go. Download Wifi Map and not only will you have a list of all the local spots with the best wifi but, you also get the passwords! This app is awesome because it’s one of those communities that get better with the more people download it. The more people connect with this app, the more passwords and hot spots will be shared!

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