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Chris Brown, Brennan Clay, Joe Fauria, Lil Wayne.

What do all these “men” have in common? They all are very emotional and used social media to air their dirty laundry. Real messy real ugly and are prime examples of what NOT to do during a break up.

Oh the joys of social media, it’s a gift and a curse. With the constant need for attention being fueled by the instant gratification we’ve became addicted to via likes and retweets; breakups are more public and messier than ever.


From the very public breakup #535 of CBreezy and Karuecche to the exposing of “Spray Tan” aka Demarco Murray and his alleged affair with Brennan Clay’s wife, to Lil Wayne’s rant via twitter and IG stating he ain’t stunting like his daddy no more-DUDES you have NO chill.

This new wave of unstably emotional men is on overdrive. In fact, they get so caught up in feelings and the rage of “exposing” they one they use to call “bae”, the female can easily come out looking like the winner IF she plays it right. Karrueche ALMOST had me like GO GIRL, until she responded back. NO response is better, followed by a few tweets and pics of a new contract or deal closed. Success ALWAYS wins. Oh he mad?

If your man decides he wants to go on an emotional derogatory keyboard lashing via social media, PHUCK EM GIRL. I don’t mean this in the cruel man bashing way of course not, THAT is not BossBabe behavior. Raise your standards, not your voice and social media interactions. Put that dress on and close a deal honey. Emotions can get the best of you and have you screwing up all kinds of things in your life. DON’T DO IT. Don’t get sucked into airing your shit online and then having to come back and clean it up. Always remember emotions are something you can control, just give your self time to process them. Once you become aware of that, it’s easy for you to go through situations like break ups. Allow yourself at least 24 hours to process how you really feel before you do anything. BossBabes hold it together; we let our success do the talking.

If you just have to send a shot, make it chilled Grey Goose.

#BossBabes do business not drama.

You don’t have to post your feelings. You can post the strides you’ve made in your business endeavors or that new client you picked up the same day he went ham on twitter. However you choose to deal with a break up just never do it on social media.

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