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hannah foster bossbabe
What type of business do you own? 

I am an ACSM Certified Personal Trainer who runs an online health & fitness coaching business. I help people reach their health and fitness goals, run health and fitness accountability groups and also do online personal training. 

Who inspired you?

I am inspired by the everyday girl. People who are going after their goals and making their dreams a reality. The normal woman who has normal struggles and is looking for her place in the world. I am inspired by those who refuse to settle for something they aren’t passionate about and those who want to build a life even better than they ever imagined. I strive to teach others that you can be healthy and fit in a balanced way. Having abs doesn’t mean you are destined to eating boring foods and logging miles on the treadmill–in fact, I believe the exact opposite is the best approach to building a body that you love!

Where do you see yourself in five years?

First and foremost, I see myself becoming a mother. I am a newlywed and kids are on the horizon for us. I see myself also being a fearless boss babe and making my dreams come true. I desire a business and life where I can travel the world, raise my future children myself and feel empowered by my career choices instead of confined by them. Life should be an adventure, not a prison, and I want to explore it all!

Who do you listen to to get yourself pumped up?

When I need to get pumped up I am listening to some raunchy hip-hop, especially when I am in the gym. Give me a dirty rap song with lyrics that would make my mother faint and I’m motivated to give it my all.

Learn more about Hannah Foster here or follow her on Instagram!


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