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What type of business do you own? 

I am the founder and director of an organization called Empowering Hmong Sisters, which is an organization that works to counteract oppression against Hmong women. We have over 2,000 women that look to us for support and we work to inspire the women in our community. We run workshops, host community events, and are currently in the process of applying for non-profit status. Within one year of launching we were able to expand our networks to Australia, France, and Brazil. On top of my organization I also love to write. I have a website where I post all my work which I am also hoping to take to another level this year.

Who inspired you?

My daughter is my biggest source of inspiration. When I was 18 I left an abusive marriage and a man whom I was with ever since I was 13. I dropped out of high school when I was 15 and when we had my daughter at 18 I became a stay at home mom. Having my daughter gave me the realization that if I didn’t role model the way a man was supposed to treat me, then soon my reality would become hers in 15 years. My daughter inspired me to live, dream big, and to be my own personal cheerleader. Because of her I will be graduating from one of the top ten universities next year with a bachelors degree in family social science. Never would I have thought in a million years I would be attending such an amazing university and running an organization that women would continue to look up to each and every day.

Where do you see yourself in five years?

In five years I’ll have my doctorate degree in social sciences. I’ll be driving a white Nissan Rogue and living in a beautiful house right across from my favorite lake. I’ll be a motivational speaker alongside being a New York Times best selling author.  By then my organization will be expanded internationally to Thailand to work with the Hmong women there.

Who do you listen to to get yourself pumped up?

Whenever I feel like giving up or when I start to feel that I’m losing sight of my purpose in life, I shut myself away and listen to this playlist over and over until I start seeing the greatness in myself again.

This playlist is a playlist I created for myself but I really hope that it will speak to your hearts when you need it the most just like how it does for me.

Learn more about Chriselle here or follow her on Instagram!


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