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What type of business do you own?

I own an online fashion footwear boutique here in the UK called “Billie x Shoes”. My aim is to retail footwear that has an expensive and high fashion look for a less than high street price. A pair of shoes can roughly cost from about £25-£45 pounds depending on the style and location of where they have been imported from.
I like to keep my styles unique and different making Billie x Shoes an online store where no one else can buy the same styles elsewhere. I pride myself upon this and when I advertise through social media I like to keep my imagery original and interesting but also fashionable and fun which I hope that it shows my passion and love for the fashion footwear industry.
You can see styles that mimic fashionista’s Kylie Jenner and Kim Kardashian but also keep up with what’s going to be hot and what the current style and color trends are, I like to be the first to have these styles in from my competitors.

Who inspired you?

Not to point out the obvious but, Kim Kardashians shoe game is rocking !

Who wouldn’t want her style of shoes but of course, not a lot of people can afford them. Thats why Billie x Shoes really tries to mimic celebs styles. That way you can dress like one yourself with looks from Los Angeles, London and Paris.

Where do you see yourself in five years?

Hopefully doing what I’m still doing but even better!

Don’t get me wrong but the first year of running your own business is such hard work to get through. To see the light in your second year peaking through is such a relief.

I want to design my own styles and let my creative side shine through! I had studied many years as a luxury footwear designer so hopefully I will be able to bring extra fun and edgy style to the industry.

Who do you listen to to get pumped up?

It depends where I am and what I’m doing. If there’s a photoshoot happening you need a song with sass to get the girls excited, so a Beyonce or Rhianna song is perfect.

If I’m creating some graphics for my social media I like to listen to a lot of house music (not the crazy fist pumping kind) but chill house. It makes me feel calm and takes me to a place where I’m happy. 🙂

For working on the computer there’s nothing a bit of radio can’t beat with a little sing a long, loving Ella Henderson and Ed Sheeran right now.

To learn more about Billie, click here or follow her on instagram!


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