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Start your journey to building an online business you love today!

$9.99/month to change your career, your lifestyle and your happiness like never before.

No cancellation fees. Women from all around the globe are welcome.

Once enrolled in the Boss Babe Academy, you’ll be expected to attend your live masterclasses once a month hosted by the internet’s highest profile influencers and self-mastery leaders.

We will send your VIP digital invite to these exclusive virtual events where you can ask questions, take thought-provoking notes and grow rapidly as an entrepreneur.

Classes will be recorded and available for replay but special gifts are offered to those who arrange to be there live!

If you’re looking to network and build a circle of people you can bounce ideas off of, expose your business to or just make friends with, we have the highest quality directory of Boss Babes online.

Enrollment into the Academy means you will be apart of our VIP Invite-only Facebook group where you can meet and chat with other women who are interested in growing just as much as you. Also, get tips and insights from influencers and the official Boss Babe team!

We’ve generated hundred of hours of valuable videos, articles and online classes that you can spend your time diving into and applying to your life and business.

This secret database has been responsible for transforming thousands of businesses and entrepreneurs.

You can take our video and audio trainings or spend time researching what strategies to apply to your business that will catapult it’s growth so that it is somewhere exponentially better within weeks or months.

why self mastery?

The lack of self-mastery with aspiring and full-time entrepreneurs is the number one reason why they fail.

Self mastery means learning how to control your fear, emotions, doubts, body, mind and soul.

If you can learn how to master these things—to control yourself—you can control your world. Every time you lose your temper with an employee or friend, you lose. Every time you let fear set in when your bank account doesn’t look promising, you lose.

Every time you get into the downward spiral of working in your business rather than on it, you lose.

Most entrepreneurs have certain triggers that cause them to literally lose it.

That “it” being self-control. For many, it’s money. When the money runs out, the fear kicks in and the limbic part of the brain takes over causing them to make very foolish decisions. But we’re made up of body, mind, emotions, and spirit. In order to learn how to master yourself, you must feed those things.

We’ve purposefully designed the Boss Babe Academy to be the most fulfilling and high quality resource for millennial business women to learn self-mastery. We hope you join us and over 200,000+ like minded women on your self-mastery journey.

what our members have to say:

“I’ll be honest with you, I was beginning to think I was alone. I had already lost hope in our generation. To be a part of a network of full of like-minded, intelligent, beautiful, young women has restored my hope in humanity! “

Alexya Taylor


“I’ve made connections and even got a client through the Boss Babe Network.”

Toni Patterson

Director & Creator, Skye Media Group

“This Network is my secret weapon for creative biz success. A kick ass community of clever, driven and passionate babes that inspire and motivate me like no where else.”

Jaclyn Carlson

Director, Blog Society

“What I love about the Bossbabe Network, is that I don’t feel like I have to do business the “cookie cutter” way. Its okay to be spunky, hip and trendy. I want to appeal to someone like me, like us, and I’m discovering that there are plenty of people like us. Thank you!”

Seana Ray

Creative Entrepreneur

Start your journey to self-mastery today!

$9.99/month to change your career, your lifestyle and your happiness like never before. No cancellation fees. Women from all around the globe are welcome.

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