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3 Powerful Ways To Attract Wealth

3 Powerful Ways To Attract Wealth

As a #BOSSBABE, you’re not out here simply trying to make money or create wealth. You’re trying to attract it. Phrases using “make” or “create” as it pertains to wealth and money reinforce what top business strategist Dan Kennedy calls the “Work-Money Link,” which is defined as a “limiting idea” implying that wealth comes primarily – if not only – through hard work and supreme exertion.

Ain’t nobody got time for that!

Don’t misunderstand me. I believe in working hard, I believe in creating a way out of no way, but I know the power of working smarter to attract what you want with supreme velocity. Make no mistake actions are always necessary to achieve your goals – but focused action to attract money will always work more powerfully than busting your ass to get paid. Ain’t no way you were put on this Earth to pay bills and die – so check out these principles for attracting wealth so you can shine and really enjoy the life you were meant to live.

Wealth Attraction Principle #1: Avoid the Media – It’s Toxic

As a media design strategist, I should be the last person telling you this, but it’s true. Media outlets are designed to overwhelm your psyche with beliefs contrary to attracting and maintaining wealth. There’s so much fear poisoning your thoughts based upon the highly calculated negativity you’re deliberately fed – especially regarding economic security.

Despite all that you’ve heard, the biggest, most expansive sector in our country is the affluent. And make no mistake, most of the affluent people you will meet don’t even fuck with anything more than basic cable – and that’s if they have a TV at all.

Wealth Attraction Principle #2: Kill Your Excuses

Whiners, complainers and bitchers are the least attractive ladies in the world. They’re full of excuses and refuse to step up and own the situation. Don’t be that chick. Power is sourced from taking responsibility, and weakened by lack of ownership.

Don’t say you can’t do something; knowing why you can’t do something gives you the challenge you need to overcome in order to get it done. Are the leads dry? Get fresh ones. Are there too many price sensitive people? Differentiate yourself on value. Is what you have so unique, it’s not understood? Bring that bitch down to Earth. It’s your power. Use it when you need it.

Wealth Attraction Principle #3 Be Somewhere!

You can’t do business sitting on your ass! Wealth isn’t going to find you slouched on the couch, hands in your PINK boyshorts Al Bundy style. Fix your Brazilian body wave, slide your lips into some succulent Ruby Woo and get out there and get active, woman!

Expand your visibility by networking. You’re doing a great job here at Boss Babe, but there are other places who need your presence. Check out your local Chamber of Commerce, attend industry seminars, participate in programs your audience is interested in – and make yourself a valuable addition everywhere you go. You’re young and sexy, a smile and a business card, coupled with a genuine interest to change lives with your business is all you need.

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4 Tips To Eliminate Distractions and Excuses

4 Tips To Eliminate Distractions and Excuses

I have plenty of friends who have side businesses and want to be full time entrepreneurs, but the struggle isn’t real for them. When they speak to me, they say things like, “Yo, L, I really want to do this, but life’s getting in the way.” They have husbands, baby daddies, bills, jobs, kids – all that.

But guess what? Kids aside, so have I. I’ve been married, I’ve had bills. Shit, at the time of this writing, I still have a job. I have struggles like everyone else. I bleed monthly like the next girl too. But what I don’t allow myself to have are distractions and excuses.

Here are Four Tips to Eliminate Distractions and Excuses:

1. Lock and Load, Babygirl

How many times have you been on your path to greatness, only to get sidetracked by devastation. Bad things happen to all of us; even Beyoncé isn’t immune to pain and struggle. We’ve all been heartbroken, fired or broke beyond our wildest nightmares – hell I know I have. But what makes us winners is staying focused on the end result. When it comes to life, you can be a victim, or you can lock and load. Fuck being helpless. If life kicks you in the face and you land on your ass, smear the blood against the back of your hand as you wipe off your lip, get up and start kicking ass back.

2. Kill the Pity Parties.

We all need to vent and let our feelings out – but allowing ourselves to get caught in the energy of victimhood is a no-no, mama. Victimhood is an energy state that will slow down your momentum. You’ll go from getting shit done at any cost to finding reasons not to do it and hesitate. Don’t give your time and energy to opportunities that deliberately saturate you in self-pity. Ain’t nobody got time for that.

3. Focus on Yourself.

This is so damn obvious. I have friends – and I know you do too – that want so much more out of life, but they’re at an impasse regarding how to get it. Chances are, if you’re like me, you’re doing your best to make it happen for you and them. Unfortunately, what you may not realize until it’s too late is your friends aren’t struggling. They are complacent, and happily complacent. You know how you’ll know? You’ll accomplish something great, and they’ll ask you how, and as soon as you start explaining all the particular details, they’ll cut you off like, “Nah girl that’s too much work.”

(B*tch please!)

Not everyone is willing to do what you’re willing to do. Not everyone will make the sacrifices you make. You will do dumb and stupid shit. You’re human. That’s what we do! We fail and fall so we know the experience firsthand. But what we won’t do is invest our lives into fixing the lives of others around us, hoping they’ll get it together and come to the top with us. Focus on yourself and your intentions – and your dreams – and let them catch up to you.

4. Invest Time and Money Wisely

I’m all for self-help, development and motivation. And I’m all for information products, trainings and coachings that will put you on the next level. But when you’re balls deep in life, you have to make moves. You can’t spend time outlining all the things wrong in your life right now. And you can’t spend a buttload of time trying to throw your money into things that will solve your problems.

If you have $500 to your name, you shouldn’t be investing in some $200 accountability program. One, you need to have “now” money now, and two, you can’t spend that little to get good results. There’s an energy to your money, how you spend it and what you get out of it. You get what you pay for – but your priorities should be first. Spending $200 would leave you desperate and frazzled because you really needed that full $500 for gas and a real emergency – not another fucking Facebook group with a bunch of dreamers.

Choose your business coaching and investments like you choose your cut buddy – with ruthless scrutiny and a strong dose of intuition. Not everyone deserves your time, money and willingness to bend your mind to their energetic reality. If you can’t afford it, don’t pay for the answer. Take action step by step until you GET the answer, and all the sexy scars that come with it.

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Three Things To Know When Writing A Book

Three Things To Know When Writing A Book

Today, I’m a published author – of both fiction and non-fiction material. I love what I do, and I am building an empire with this, reaping the benefits through and through. I’ve had perfect timing with this, but yo, if I knew then what I knew now, I would have been firing off books years ago. Real talk.

With the advent of self-publishing thanks to industry revolutionaries like Amazon Kindle, book writing has become more powerful than ever. While the entry process is simple – write and publish – there are still barriers to entry. But as long as you’re focused on getting your story out there, you’ve got plenty of opportunities to get your work published.

Have You Written Your Book Yet?

Before we even get to the art of publishing, let’s talk about actually writing your book. Your book can be done in single step: Write it. Easy, right? Not so much.

Writer’s block, time management, stress – even fear – can keep you from getting your message out there. If you’re plagued with challenges and hurdles that keep you from getting your book done, here’s three blockbusters to make it happen.

1. Know Your Why

Why are you writing your book? What’s the story burning inside of you that needs to be told? When you know your why, getting that book done becomes effortless.

So what’s the reason – the motivation for the book?

Are you writing a story based upon the events of your life, so you can speak your piece and be done? Will your story creatively open the hearts and minds of people who have been through something traumatic, allowing them to feel validated, and giving them the permission they need to finally heal? Are you teaching a new process or methodology for doing or accomplishing something?

Whatever your goal is, make sure it’s clear, passionate and worthy of writing. Otherwise you’ll lose steam and destroy any momentum.

2. Plan Your Strategy

Rome wasn’t built in a day, and your book won’t be completed in one either. Unless you’re quick and nifty with the pen or keyboard, you’ll need to strategize your writing approach.

I’m not the most detailed of planners. I like to simply write a rough synopsis of what I want to happen, a few key events and details and get to writing. I tackle every chapter of my book, one at a time. If I’m writing nonfiction, then I treat each chapter like a specific article that answers a specific question or provides particular information. If I’m writing fiction, I tend to go for all the crazy and action-packed scenes – especially the sexy ones and the cliff-hangers – so I can easily fill in the blanks with the less than entertaining, yet still important, material.

There are plenty of great resources for writing your book. And a million strategies. Do your research, and see what works for you. Research the Skeleton method, the outline method – or my own Book Writing Made Simple Outine.

3. Outsource Whatever You Need

You might have the entire story in your head, but you don’t have the time to write it. You might not be the best writer, but you tell an amazing story – at the party, you’re the center of attention giving the most exquisite play-by-play. Or you can knock out the story, but you’re not going to self-edit, and you can’t design a cover to save your life.

Whatever the case, you can outsource your book development. Seriously. One of the slyest techniques I’ve seen is to have the general idea of what your book is about, or the premise of your story, and then having a ghostwriter or content specialist piece it together for you. Of course, you’ll pay for these services, but the stress of typing – or getting writer’s block because you’re frozen at the keyboard is eliminated.

In addition, you can order deliciously designed covers from places like Go On Write – which is my favorite source for premade book covers and book marketing designs. The prices are very affordable, and if you like the work, you can also commission a custom order of your own. The same goes with editing, book formatting and book design.

At the end of the day, this is your project, and as long as your book is original, there’s nothing wrong with getting a little help. Even James Patterson – one of the most prolific authors of our time – uses ghostwriting. Don’t be afraid to ask for it – and pay for it. It’s all an investment in you and your dream.

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“Marketing Won’t Work – My Product is Ordinary!”

“Marketing Won’t Work – My Product is Ordinary!”

Marketing is a form of communication, one intended to open the lines of knowledge and make people aware of you and what you’re offering. One of the most overused lines for not marketing a product is that which labels your product or service a commodity. AKA – “My product is ordinary, therefore it’s not special. Everyone buys it at the same price.”

First and foremost, if you’re a #BOSSBABE, what are you doing hustling something basic? Let’s be real; if it were truly as basic as you say, you wouldn’t have any interest in it. And if you’re hustling it because it’s a “safe commodity” that “everyone else” is selling, therein lies your problem: you lack the actual passion for it, because you’re only driven by profit.

If you cannot change what your product is, you’ve got to change what your product means. So what does this mean? 

• You’re no longer selling financial services. You’re selling luxurious credit solutions to help women live great lives with financial wisdom.

• You’re no longer selling body scrubs and oils. You’re selling a natural escape from the urban jungle with blissful treats sourced from the Earth.

• You’re no longer making websites. You’re designing digital identities that reflect the soul of your clients.

Creating change in your product starts with branding. Your brand – your best, most authentic and sexiest brand – starts with you.

Polish your brand. Polish your perspective on your product. Polish the perspective your clients have regarding you and your products, and taste the sweet satisfaction of debunking the myth that you’re another basic broad selling basic label sh*t at basic label prices.

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How To Make Your Own Killer Sales Team

How To Make Your Own Killer Sales Team

Building a strong business requires leverage.

You may be able to do it all yourself now, but as you grow you’ll need a sales team to help bring in the contracts and money. Sales teams prioritize and drive your company’s development.

You need them because the more success they have, the more success you’ll experience. Here’s some insight into building a strong sales team.

Tip 1: Hiring the Right Salespeople is Key

Your salespeople aren’t simply responsible for bringing in the case.

They’re the front line of your business, and the first impression clients see of your brand.

Before you hire just anyone, you must clarify the specific sales needs for your business.

Do you need someone who is experienced and skilled at closing and converting?

Or are you better tasked with someone who is an awesome lead generator?

Knowing exactly where your strengths and weaknesses are in the sales process is one of the best ways to determine your business needs.

Tip 2: Develop Your Team with Mentorship Experiences

Your team is only as strong as its weakest link, collectively.

Take time to regularly mentor members of your team, individually and as a group.

Even small, monthly trainings focused on improving skills can help your sales team drive stronger results.

As I’m writing this, I’m thinking of some really corny times in my career where the boss’ idea of training was bringing us donuts and talking about his glory days in sales.

Needless to say, this is not what I’m talking about.

Have open discussions with your people about the kind of support they need, and structure your resources to provide that – even if they need help determining what kind of outfit or pitch best helps them close.

Tip 3: Compensate Properly and Accordingly

No matter how altruistic and humanitarian he or she is, your sales members will value your business to the extent that you pay them.

Seriously, you get what you pay for.

Make sure you compensate your salespeople, and provide a sliding scale of bonuses and incentives to increase sales motivation.

Some companies are commission-only; others are base plus commission.

Some are provide a generous salary and benefits package with bonuses.

Compare compensation packages in the market and structure yours accordingly.

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