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Growing up, the number one comment I received all the time was “You’re so shy!” and “You’re such an introvert!”. Yes I didn’t want to talk to a group of people, I preferred to listen rather than talk, and I do tend to hold myself back a bit. With the negative stigma put on introverts, I tried anything to fix myself. Google searches, workshops, and books all claimed to have the answer to make me an extrovert, but after trying, I realized I just had to embrace who I was. Being able to celebrate my awesome introverted-self has actually been a blessing because it has pushed me farther.

Surprisingly in the celebrity industry and the business world, there are introverts who are successful in a world that rewards extroverts. These ladies are self-proclaimed introverts who have proven that you can truly love yourself, and not let the negative stigma of being introvert hold them back.
Marissa Mayer
Yahoo’s CEO is the youngest CEO of any Fortune 500 company, and was an executive for Google before that. Many business leaders look up to Marissa for her ambition and drive that she’s proven to show while working for Yahoo.
She has mentioned that she is naturally a shy individual, however she has learned to control it and not let it get the best of her.


Audrey Hepburn
Yes, your leading classy woman identifies as an introvert. For herself, she preferred to be alone spending time outside. It’s hard to even imagine that she’s an introvert because of all of her roles being an extrovert.
Using Audrey as an example showcases how introverts don’t just come in one package with the stereotype introverts have. Anyone can be introvert!


Rosa Parks
The African-American civil rights activist was showcased for her strength and passion with her famous example of resisting racial segregation on the bus back in 1955. She’s worked with many great leaders such as Martin Luther King Jr. to show awareness of the Civil Rights Movement.
You would never believe that a woman who refused to give up her seat, and help start a movement was an introvert. Many people who knew her personally described her to be a timid, and shy individual with a sweet nature to her.

Emma Watson
If you’ve seen her ‘HeforShe’ speech at the UN Headquarters this year, it almost seems impossible to believe that this beautiful, strong woman describes herself to be socially awkward.
This introverted actress and activist, has explained how she is naturally an introvert individual and accepts that part of her. Being able to embrace it has allowed her to become one of the highest-gross paid actresses’, the UN Women Goodwill Ambassador and a 2014 graduate from Brown University.


All these leading ladies are just a few of the women out there who have proven to be successful while being an introvert. They’ve all learned to accept that side of them, and have challenged their introverted titles to not allow it to hold them back from what they want.

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