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Social media is awesome and everything, but we all know, it can cause a barrier between us and our customers.

We’ve all heard the doomsday social media apocalypse scenario that goes…

“If instagram gets shut down one day, how will you stay in contact with your followers?”

It sounds silly for instagram to just “shut down” one day but the question still holds it’s weight.

Would you be prepared?

Even though more and more social media sites are getting populated by the minute and they seem more dependable, you never want to sleep on the opportunity of collecting direct contact information with your tribe.

Below are seven ways you can optimize, expand and grow your email list that I’m pretty sure will give you some promising and amazing results within just a few weeks. 

1. Simply Ask Them To Join Your Email List

This one never hurts. Having your email opt-in form posted all over your site will only help you stay in contact with the people who want to learn more from you. You can always offer incentives for signing up, like a freebie worksheet, calendar, session, course, etc. The possibilities are endless.

2. Find Some Folks Who Have Email Lists Who Could Talk About You

If you don’t already have about four or five people who are in your felid who you could be collaborating with, now would be the time to find them. Once you find them, you can approach them with an idea to cross-promote each other to your email lists. You can do this in a variety of ways.

Here are some examples of what you could send to both lists. (Remember, that this can involve more than two people. Create a sharing circle of 4-7 people who are in contact with people who could benefit from learning about you and what you sell.)

  • Have your colleague interview you
  • You can interview your colleague(s)
  • Do a fun challenge or activity with your colleague(s)
  • Give a free gift away and ask your colleague(s) to share the gift with their email list
  • Share a testimonial (if you ever worked with your colleague) and she can share your testimonial to her audience

3. Hold a free contest or sweepstakes at your web site

This one is pretty simple. You can giveaway a gift bag or a bundle of service goodies and require people to sign-up to your mailing list to enter. You can get creative and include all types of things that your audience can do to help promote your prize/website for the exchange of promotion.

It’s important that you are being tasteful with how you market it. You don’t want people to feel forced to advertise for you. Let it be something that they would feel confident to share.

4. Offer a free session

What if once a week, you promoted a free session/consultation with the first 10 sign-ups you receive? Wouldn’t that peak participation in signing up for your mailing list?

You will catch the attention of people who usually would never sign-up because now you are offering something that could truly benefit them and it motivates them enough to click and register!

5. Hold an interactive poll/survey on your web site

Who loves collecting market data? I know I do!

Think about a question(s) that you’re dying to ask your ideal client but can’t seem to answer with full clarity yet. The best way to do that is by asking them directly, all while asking them to sign-up for your mailing list. Give them a free gift as an incentive to complete the poll/survey.


6. Offer a free affiliate program for your visitors

Do you sell something that other people could help sell for you?

Offer an affiliate program! They will have to sign-up in order to receive marketing materials and commissions. It’s a win-win because not only do you get new sign-ups to your mailing list, you also have a crew of sales people who will help push your product because they are getting a piece of it.

Learn how to create your own affiliate program here.

7. Allow visitors to submit a free classified ad on your web site.

This goes for B2B businesses. What if you just created an ad part of your page where people could post their ads for free (or for a price, it’s up to you). Either way, it will require them to give a valid e-mail address in order to post an ad. This is another big win-win because again, not only are you collecting valuable contact information, but you are also adding a valuable experience to your audience by giving them a place to advertise their information.

I hope this information works for you! Let’s watch your email list grow, grow, grow!!


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