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You are always hearing how important it is to create the best version of yourself – and you’re probably on a mission to do so! Maybe you’ve upped your workouts and your living your healthiest life, but what’s next from that?

I want to share with you my “7 Steps To Create Your Best Self Using Positive Psychology”

  1. Begin With Your Vision

Start at the start, and look forward to where you want to go. What do you see in your vision for your future? Your vision allows you to develop optimism and hope, and means that you have a road map to your most thriving self. If you can get your vision out in front, then you always have something to work towards.

I love making a vision board (and I need to update mine actually!), and writing out what my ideal day might look like in five years time. By doing these activities – and making sure you have plenty of time set aside to really engage with them, you are setting yourself up for success. It means that you can start to become more mindful of which choices and decisions are supporting your vision, and which are distracting you from it.

2. Attach A Meaning and Purpose

The next layer to add to your vision, is a reason for it being achieved. Why do you want the things in that vision? It is the happiness, the love, the feeling of pride that you are excited to experience? Or do you want to supercharge your business so that you can support your family or treat one of your loved ones?

I always had a big income goal, but I found that I was losing my way a bit. When I attached an impact goal to it and found my meaning and purpose, everything started to flow in, and I could see that I was inching closer to my vision being real.

3. Netflix and Chill With Your Fear

Get up close and personal with the things that scare you! You want a million dollar business but you don’t think you can achieve it – why? What is that little niggle inside of you that is stopping you from receiving the success? I always say that to break through a fear you need to do these three things… Name it! Claim it! Choose to move through it!

This means uncovering what the fear really is – as sometimes it isn’t what it seems. Then you need to own it. This is where the Netflix and chill part comes in. It’s so easy to ignore a fear and that only makes it get bigger! Choose to own your fear, and then DECIDE to move through it! Your intention, willingness and commitment will help you make the change.

4. Choose To Inject A Little Fun

When it comes to personal development it doesn’t have to be hard. The whole point of life is to give, grow, and find the fun in your journey. If your working on yourself or on your business or an idea – why not enjoy the process too? When you’re having more fun you’re opening up your mind to be more productive, more enjoyable to be around, and your ideas and inspiration come much more easily too.

Where can you have more fun this week? Consider this permission granted! ☺

5. Invest In Your Relationships

Invest in those that invest in you. Who is it that always has your back? Who makes you feel loved? Who challenges you and helps you to grow? We have different relationships for different reasons, and it’s easy to get bogged down with expecting so much from one person that we lose focus on all of the amazing qualities we have in the people around us.

Our relationships are soooooooo important in life, and they help us flourish in to our best selves! So be sure to take care of them! Think about who you can get in touch with today to let them know you care.

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6. Take a Growth Approach

Understand that your journey to your best self will be filled with twists and turns, and each one is serving your growth. By looking at obstacles as opportunities and seeing that even in the hard times we can learn something, we make progress so much more quickly. By receiving wisdom from our challenges, we can apply it so we don’t make the same mistake twice!

Consider one challenging experience you have right now – how can you see that this experience will serve your future growth?

7. Say Thank YOU!

Cultivate an attitude of gratitude and decide to find the WOW in your world. It’s pretty amazing just how much we have available to us and by giving thanks for the things we do have, we boost our wellbeing and open up the space for more. Grateful people reach their goals faster and so journaling, and making “thank you” your go-to mantra for the day, can help you step in to the best version of you sooner than you thought possible.

Have an awesome day, and I’ll catch you in the periscope!

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