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With the end of the year approaching and all the unjust going on in America right now, getting into that holiday spirit can be harder than years before. Don’t let the weight of it all take you down. Give yourself a good end of the year push. Trust me it’s not as hard as it may seem. Here are 5 things you can do to beat those holiday blues. Turn up your self love. I heard that’s in this season.

1. Stay Pretty



Winter weather, holiday stress, empire building yes it all wears and tears us down. But a bossbabe does
not fall apart. Look in the mirror put on some lipstick and kick some ass, don’t show it.

2. Gift yourself first. You deserve it.



Women can easily slip into making sure everyone and thing are straight first. No girl, before you buy another anything for someone else, buy yourself something nice. Wrap it up and open it on Christmas. Be sure to write your self a sweet little note of appreciation.

3. Have yourself a good drink and a good long kiss, preferably in the same night.


The year is coming to a close, when’s the last time you just kicked it? NO work involved, tossed back a few straight, laughed ’til your cheeks wear red and kissed him good and long. Right! Do that.

4. Do one thing your business/brand can use or need going into the new year without the stress of cost.



Sometimes when we are building, the cost can indirectly affect our pschy. Thinking you can’t do it now because you can’t afford to is non sense. If you can’t afford someone else to do it, take this 31 day stretch to learn how to do it yourself.

5. Stay a night or two at a nice hotel alone.



Order in. Take a good hot shower. Drink champagne. Just lay around binge watching your favorite shows. I’m sure you have not had enough time to really watch any tv. Do it girl.

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