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Jim Klein said, “You never get a second chance to make a good first impression.” When it comes to sales, this is one of the truest statements ever made. As a sales person, your appearance is crucial to closing the deal. We’re women, and as much as we scream for equality, the truth is we’re scrutinized on our appearance more than most ever want to accept.

The good news about this is because you’re a woman, you can play up your appearance to increase your authority as a salesperson. There’s nothing wrong with using your looks to your advantage; the key is to let your appearance leverage attention upfront, and then letting your knowledge (and professional assertion) close the sale.

1. Start with Your Hygiene

You know, I shouldn’t have to talk about this – we’re #BOSSBABES after all – but it needs to be stated so it’s out the way. Your hygiene is key. Don’t get on the salesfloor without immaculate hygiene. Shower, brush, floss and clean under your nails.

2. Keep Your Beauty Routine Polished and Clean

Make sure your hair, skin, nails and makeup are clean and professional. Every industry has their own standards of acceptability. Avoid crazy accessories, nails, hair colors and styles unless you’re in a creative industry or it’s part of your professional signature. A clean and polished look may seem boring to you, it communicates trustworthiness, stability and professionalism to the customer. Once you’ve built a rolodex of clients, or a name for yourself, you will be able to experiment with your look to add a little personal flair.

3. Clothes Make the #BOSSBABE

Again, every industry has a set of guidelines for what is and isn’t acceptable or professional. When in Rome, play like the Romans. In other words, adapt your style to those of industry standards so you blend in and look like the other salespeople making money.

Depending on what you’re doing, you may feel pressure to spend tons of money on your clothes. This really isn’t necessary. Shop discounted clothing at sales outlets like Nordstrom Rack, ROSS or Marshall’s, so you can get high-quality clothing at a fraction of the premium price.

4. Signature Touches

Every #BOSSBABE has a signature touch to infuse into to her look. You look clean, and your outfit’s pimp tight, but you might find wearing a signature color enhances your confidence, or that when you wear a certain hairstyle, it flatters the shape of your face. Whatever it is, find that little extra something that makes you stand out and apply it to your look. Again, as long as it’s clean and in alignment with industry standards for professionalism, it’s the extra touch that seals your look and makes you memorable to your clientele.

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