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Taylor Swift sold over one million copies of 1989 in one week! No one else has done that since she released Red. She’s the first artist to go Platinum this year. She’s basically an honorary Victoria’s Secret Model.
Taylor Swift wins. Period. We all know Blank Space was written about everyone out there, even if he or she has only had one lover in his or her life. So how does she manage to own the industry?

1.Being Real

Screen Shot 2014-12-03 at 8.03.00 AM

Everyone can relate to her. Each of her songs can describe life at some point, and her lyrical choices hit home. Hard. Her booty can’t break the internet, we haven’t seen her nipples (yet), and she can actually voice a rational opinion. She’s different than any other celebrity out there, and she is the most relatable. She’s the girl next door, and she is more than willing to share her intellectual opinions. Plus, for being kind of a big deal, she’s humble AF.

2.Owning her image


T Swift gets that she doesn’t have Beyonce’s body or Rihanna’s sex appeal, yet she’s still confident. If she’s going to dress like a Pegacorn (patent pending) for Halloween, you better believe she will werk that. She can’t dance to save her life, but she is going to enjoy every second of being awkward and make sure you know she’s having a blast. She acknowledges her quirks and embraces it. I mean, wearing a t-shirt in the bleachers obvi did her some good.

3.Looking Fierce. Always.

The cat eyes. The legs. The red lips. The fashion. Does she ever not werk?
What can we Boss Babes learn from T Swift? Always be honest and humble, never letting your boss-ness go to your head. Don’t be afraid to own your unique image. Even the boss-est babes can be a little goofy now and then. Own your personal oddities. Finally, learn from your supermodel besties and always have your smize on. Be the fierce babe that you are. And never, ever kiss and tell.

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