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As a #BOSSBABE, you’re not out here simply trying to make money or create wealth. You’re trying to attract it. Phrases using “make” or “create” as it pertains to wealth and money reinforce what top business strategist Dan Kennedy calls the “Work-Money Link,” which is defined as a “limiting idea” implying that wealth comes primarily – if not only – through hard work and supreme exertion.

Ain’t nobody got time for that!

Don’t misunderstand me. I believe in working hard, I believe in creating a way out of no way, but I know the power of working smarter to attract what you want with supreme velocity. Make no mistake actions are always necessary to achieve your goals – but focused action to attract money will always work more powerfully than busting your ass to get paid. Ain’t no way you were put on this Earth to pay bills and die – so check out these principles for attracting wealth so you can shine and really enjoy the life you were meant to live.

Wealth Attraction Principle #1: Avoid the Media – It’s Toxic

As a media design strategist, I should be the last person telling you this, but it’s true. Media outlets are designed to overwhelm your psyche with beliefs contrary to attracting and maintaining wealth. There’s so much fear poisoning your thoughts based upon the highly calculated negativity you’re deliberately fed – especially regarding economic security.

Despite all that you’ve heard, the biggest, most expansive sector in our country is the affluent. And make no mistake, most of the affluent people you will meet don’t even fuck with anything more than basic cable – and that’s if they have a TV at all.

Wealth Attraction Principle #2: Kill Your Excuses

Whiners, complainers and bitchers are the least attractive ladies in the world. They’re full of excuses and refuse to step up and own the situation. Don’t be that chick. Power is sourced from taking responsibility, and weakened by lack of ownership.

Don’t say you can’t do something; knowing why you can’t do something gives you the challenge you need to overcome in order to get it done. Are the leads dry? Get fresh ones. Are there too many price sensitive people? Differentiate yourself on value. Is what you have so unique, it’s not understood? Bring that bitch down to Earth. It’s your power. Use it when you need it.

Wealth Attraction Principle #3 Be Somewhere!

You can’t do business sitting on your ass! Wealth isn’t going to find you slouched on the couch, hands in your PINK boyshorts Al Bundy style. Fix your Brazilian body wave, slide your lips into some succulent Ruby Woo and get out there and get active, woman!

Expand your visibility by networking. You’re doing a great job here at Boss Babe, but there are other places who need your presence. Check out your local Chamber of Commerce, attend industry seminars, participate in programs your audience is interested in – and make yourself a valuable addition everywhere you go. You’re young and sexy, a smile and a business card, coupled with a genuine interest to change lives with your business is all you need.

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