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Getting interviews as a professional are require more than being ready to go when someone says, “Lights. Camera. Action!” You have to carefully assess your media appearances, and have specific goals in mind when you step in front of the public. Failure to understand the benefits – or end goals – of your interviews constitutes a prime environment for failure to make the most of the experience, leaving you with the short end of the stick.

Your Primary Goal is Credibility

Establishing your credibility is the primary reason you should engage a media appearance. Most people are hesitant to purchase from someone who isn’t credible about their industry.

Establish your credibility by providing your host and audience information that immediately enriches their lives. When you help the audience overcome a struggle, shift their perspective, or solve a problem, they walk away improved, and they have you to thank for it.

Your Second Goal is Being Likeable

I’m the last person to tell you that being liked is important. In your personal life, it doesn’t matter who likes you as long as they respect you. In business, my philosophy is pretty much the same too. However, your tribe, your people – they need to like you.

When people like you, they’re agreeable to you, and that energy lends itself to maximizing your credibility. We want the people we like to succeed, and for the most part, we have no problem attributing credibility to someone we like as long as they’re making sense, and helping us improve our situation.

Media interviews are already full of stiff, lifeless momofukus without personality and panache. Don’t blend in with the stiffsters. Engage your audience and host with personality, emotion, and transparency. Include them in the conversation, and relate to them while you speak, so they feel connected to you and vouch for your credibility.

Your Tertiary (Third!) Goal is Sales

Now what kind of woman would I be if I failed to address the importance of media appearances for sales? Make no mistake, I never said making the sale wasn’t important. Sales are always crucial, and they’re always a goal for you. They’re just not the primary goal for your appearance. Most people need to see and experience you, sometimes several times, before they decide to break bread with you.

Tracking your media appearances and their influences on sales can be tricky if you’re not careful. Some salespeople are savvy. They create special codes that provide bonuses or discounts to people when they purchase. These coupon codes can be digital, and apply at checkouts on your website, or they can be mentioned in person at appointments and events. However you track your codes, just make sure you’re consistent, and know the numbers before your appearance, and watch them the first 7-14 days after.

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