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Let’s be real.

Our phones are our lifelines.

Whether we want to admit it or not, they’re glued to our hands. You can literally do anything on them.

You can manage your personal, social, professional, and fantasy life all in one handheld object.

That’s power, baby.

However, sometimes things get messy.

You forget to run that important errand.

You found the best thing while surfing and lost it.

Your bank account is empty and you have no idea why.

Or worse, you downloaded Trivia Crack and can’t stop.

Download these three  new apps that are free and have the ability to organize your life for good.


This task manager keeps you efficient and from wasting time. You compile your to-do list with time limits for each, and the app will notify you when to move on to the next task. Say buh-bye to that 5-minute social media break that turns into an hour social media binge. What BossBabe doesn’t love checking more off her list?

2. Pocket

Stop screenshotting things you know you need to look up later. Store everything in your Pocket! Articles, videos, images, and more. You can also add a Pocket button to your laptop or tablet. You can even save directly from Twitter. Our phone photo albums are like the black hole we call our purse. It’s time to organize, ladies.

3. Dollarbird

Keep track of your spending in a nonjudgmental way (looking at you Mint!). You can categorize your spending from groceries to clothing, and you can also add your own categories. The simple design helps you budget and plan ahead. Make that bank, girl.

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