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1. She was originally named Orpah but there was a typo on her birth certificate so Oprah is what remained.


2.She gave birth at age 14 to a baby boy who died shortly after the delivery.


3. She prays or meditates every morning.


4.In one of her first TV jobs, the network director suggested that she change her name to Suzy. She refused. 


5.In high school she went to a Jackson 5 concert unaware that later on she’d have Michael on her show.


6.She was voted the “most popular girl” in high school.


7.She won several beauty pageants including Miss Fire Prevention in Nashville.


8.Oprah’s mom tried to send her to juvenile hall for acting out but Oprah was turned away because there weren’t enough beds.


9.Oprah had a boss who sent her to New York for a makeover. She got a french perm and all her hair fell out.
10.She’s kept a journal since she was fifteen.


11.She gets 12,000 fan emails a week


12.She paid for 100 black men to go to Morehouse college with $7 million dollars in scholarships.


13.She has an instagram @oprah


14.She earned $225 a week as a TV reporter in 1976.


15.She is now worth 2.9 billion dollars.




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