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1. Focus on what you’ve got done up to this point

The best way to bring things into perspective is to look at how much you’ve accomplished up until this point.

2.Remember that nothing is ever for sure 

Someone might be telling you that your dreams an goals are unstable. Fuck that, nothing is stable. Not even a full-time job with benefits. Shit happens.

3.You are being adventurous which means you’re badass

You are different from the crowd. It’s a lot for people to handle sometimes.


4.Bad days are super normal

You’re going to have bad days. Some times once a week. Sometimes once a month. They are totally normal.


5.Eat some fucking chocolate

Easy cure all.


6.Take a break

Grab your phone and indulge in some Pinterest until you fall asleep. You’ll feel much better. I promise.

7.Tell the people that you love that you love them

Show some appreciation for your loved ones. You drive them crazy sometimes so it means a lot to them when they feel loved.

8.Listen to some old school destiny’s child

There are very few things as uplifting as Bey’s voice when she was young and way more power hungry.


9.Think about how good this will look in your biography 

All your panic attacks are going to look awesome once you accomplish everything. People love hearing about the struggles of successful people.

10.Breathe and get your shit together, you got this.

We got your back.



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